K9 KlearUp™ to help your dog's skin problems How can K9 KlearUp™ be so good?

Perhaps you're wondering how one product can be helpful for so many different conditions. Well, the answer is actually quite simple...

Our product is designed to work with your pet's immune system by giving it the nutrition necessary for the body to heal itself.

Think of it this way... You can get a paper cut and, without any effort on your part, see it healed up within a few days simply by letting your body take care of it (build new skin, fight off infection in the wound etc.).

Your dog's system has the same ability but sometimes it needs a little help to do its job. And that's what K9 KlearUp™ was developed for: To work with your pet's immune system to help clear up the 17 most common canine skin and coat problems.

Best of all, our product does not contain any chemicals, any artificial preservatives or other potentially cancer-causing compounds that are found in way too many pet products.

Tepezcohuite - The Mayan Traditional Medicine that makes K9 KlearUp™ work
tepezochuite - ingredient in K9 KlearUp™
It's name is Tepezcohuite (pronounced 'Tep-Ez-Co-Heety') and it's a tree found in the former Mayan empire (present day Central America). The people there used it for over 1,000 years to treat skin lesions of every kind.

However, it was only "discovered" by modern medical professionals on November 19, 1984 after a horrific series of gas explosions in Mexico City injured over 7,000 people. With little time and few resources, the Mexican Red Cross resorted to this traditional remedy to alleviate and treat the victims' burns.

Since then, Tepezcohuite's natural healing power has been proven by numerous medical institutions in Mexico, Canada, the USA and Europe. Most notable among these are the Cruz Azul Hospital in Oaxaca, Mexico and the Biogir Lab in Paris, France.

Here are just a few extracts from the scientific literature on the great benefits of Tepezcohuite:

K9 KlearUp™ "Therapeutic effectiveness occurred in all patients... No side effects were observed in any patient... effective remedy to treat skin burns and wounds... prevented scarring..." - Rivera-Arce, E. et al., Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 109: 523-528 (2007)

"Complete reconstitution of the epidermis within a few weeks... can ameliorate the treatment of burns and skin regeneration... significant mitogenic effect..." - Anton, R. et al., Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 38:153-157 (1993)

The experts have proven what the Mayans already knew - Tepezcohuite works.

Today, the compound is used in premium-priced beauty and anti-aging spa treatments, as well as high-end skin care creams. However, K9 KlearUp™ is the first product developed specifically for our canine companions to incorporate this remarkable compound.

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