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Tips About Toys for Your Dog

dog with toyMost dogs need toys to help fight boredom, and to prevent some bad behaviors.  It is important to choose the right toys for your dog.  Here are some tips to consider when buying toys for your dog:

  • Choose the right size toy for the size of your dog. For example, a ball that is too small can become stuck in your dog’s throat.
  • Look for dog toys that are well made, with no small parts that can be pulled or chewed off and swallowed.
  • Throw away any broken or torn toys.
  • Before giving your dog rawhide, check with your vet as to which ones are safe.
  • Supervise your dog’s play with squeaky toys.
  • Hard rubber toys, such as Kong-type products, are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.  These are fun for your dog to chew and carry around.
  • Rope toys are usually available in a “bone” shape with knotted ends.
  • Kong or “Busy-box” toys are large rubber toys with hiding places for treats. By moving the toy around with his nose, mouth, and paws your dog can get to the goodies.
  • Rotate your dog’s toys weekly by making only a few toys available at a time.
  • Keep a variety of toys easily accessible.
  • If your dog has a favorite toy you may want to leave it out all the time.
  • Most of your dog’s toys should be interactive so that you can play with your dog.

Enjoy playtime with your dog!

Why Does My Dog Get Ear Infections?

BeagleFirst you need to determine what is causing the ear infection, so that you can take steps to prevent the ear infection from coming back.  If the ear canal is wet from bathing, grooming or swimming, it can become an excellent environment for bacteria to grow which can then develop into an ear infection.  Be sure to dry your dog’s ears when they get wet.

Some dogs develop allergies to dust mites, molds, foods and pollens.  These dogs can develop recurring ear infections because growth of normal bacteria and yeast is accelerated.  Routine cleaning with a gentle dog-approved ear cleaner can reduce the frequency of ear infections in dogs with allergies.

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K9KlearUp Success Story Spotlight!

Sheri_photo“I Broke Down and Bought the Balm and am I Glad I Did”

“I just have to say that this stuff is amazing. My dog Sasha had a spot on her behind that was a pretty good size. I debated on whether to take her to the vet or to order the K9 KlearUp™ product. So I broke down and bought the balm and am I glad I did. I really didn’t know what she had but it didn’t look good. I started applying the K9 KlearUp™ the minute I got it as she kept gnawing at her part which the spot was right next to. After a couple of days, I starting noticing a difference and at the end of 1 week, it was cleared up and no more gnawing. It didn’t even bother me if she got any in her mouth from licking as I knew it wouldn’t hurt her. Thank you so much for such a great product and I have been telling all my friends about this product.”  – Sheri Tyler, Binghamton, New York, USA

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How to choose the right dog trainer:

header-objectTraining your dog is very important.  It will strengthen the bond between you and your dog and prevent many potential problems in the future.  Here are some tips to consider when choosing a trainer:

  • Make sure the class size allows for individual attention.
  • Choose the right class level, i.e. beginner, intermediate or advanced.
  • If your dog is a puppy, then the class should be for puppies only, with no adult dogs.  Adult dogs should be in another class.
  • The training equipment should be humane, and a variety of methods should be offered.
  • Remember most trainers will require proof of vaccination.
  • Praise should be given frequently, and commands given in upbeat tones. – Be sure to note any information given on grooming, problem solving, etc.

Training your dog should be an enjoyable experience for both of you.  So have fun and create a bond for life!