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Pet & Dog Hot Spots

Dog hot spots are effectively treated with K9 KlearUp™

The active ingredient is Tepezcohuite (pronounced ‘Tep-Ez-Co-Heety’) and it’s from a tree found in the former Mayan empire (present day Central America). The people there used it for over 1,000 years to treat skin lesions. To order click here

K9 KlearUp™ is designed to work with your pet’s immune system by giving it the nutrition necessary for the body to heal itself and get rid of hot spots. Your dog’s immune system has the ability to heal but sometimes it needs a little help to do its job. And that’s what K9 was developed for: To work with your pet’s immune system to help clear up hot spots and other canine skin problems.

Best of all, our product does not contain any chemicals, any artificial preservatives or other potentially cancer-causing compounds that are found in way too many pet products.

What Are Dog Hot Spots?

It’s interesting to note, that the term hot spot isn’t specific condition. It’s a generic phrase. Any area of skin that is reddish, feeling warm to hot, is more moist than normal, is frequently bloody, and sometimes even oozing pus is commonly referred to as a hot spot.

Pets often aggravate the situation because they don’t leave them alone. This just makes them worse.

To your pet hot spots are itchy, aggravating and they seem to just pop up. Many pets obsess over them. If your dog has a hot spot it’s important to treat it and break the cycle before they spread and/or recur.

The K9 KlearUp™ Solution

  1. The first step is to order K9 KlearUp™
  2. Next clean and disinfect the area
  3. Apply the KlearUp™ sparingly and allow it 15 minutes to absorb
  4. Many dogs like the taste of it so this can take some of your attention (It’s natural safe to eat)
  5. KlearUp™ also stops the itching and your dog’s urges to lick and bite the area should diminish
  6. Repeat the process two to four times a day
  7. Most people see a noticeable improvement within a day or two
  8. The wound should heal and the fur should start to grow back within a week

K9 KlearUp™ is water soluble. If you need to thin it out to work it into the hot spot that isn’t a problem.

What causes Pet Dog hot spots?

There’s normally an inciting factor that starts the prevailing licking and biting actions. Inspect for fleas, mites, or parasites. It could also be an insect bite. Allergies particularly if your pet is being fed ‘people food’, or it could be an injury of some sort. Sometime pets even start their own hot spots out psychological issues or perhaps extreme boredom.

Whatever the cause K9 KlearUp™ comes in generous packages that should cover multiple incidents of pet dog hot spots recur in the future.