Success Story Spotlight!

dr-andrew-jones-dvm“Product Really Works”, veterinarian recommended.

“I recently treated a dog with a mild hot spot with a conventional steroid medication that was NOT working. I decided to try K9KlearUp and with a few applications over three days, the hot spot disappeared.

I then tried it on a cat with an acne issue. In this case as well, the steroid had no effect. K9KlearUp did though. In about four days, the acne had completely cleared up.

I like that the product really works, that it boasts a natural ingredient list and that it’s very safe too.”

Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM, Nelson Animal Hospital, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.


Success Story Spotlight: K9KlearUp™ Even Works on Horses!

Horse-K9KlearUp“A few weeks ago, my 25-year-old Bay Arab rubbed his hindquarters against a fence and rubbed away some of his coat and skin at the same time (he does that quite a lot). When it came time to bring him in from outside, I noticed what he’d done and after disinfecting it, applied this dog product called K9KlearUp™ to the raw skin. It seemed a little strange that a so-called dog product would be good for Mikey, but I tried it anyways as it came highly recommended.

Well, after a few days I could barely believe my eyes. The area had almost completely cleared up (it normally takes two weeks). After just a week and a half more, the leftover scabbing had fallen away and the hair started growing back his regular bay colour! Normally when he does such things, the hair has grown back in white.

I really am glad I tried out this “dog product”. It worked so well for an old fellow like mine.”

Shirley R, Langley, British Columbia, Canada Former Horse Breeder and Riding Teacher


K9KlearUp Success Story Spotlight!

Sheri_photo“I Broke Down and Bought the Balm and am I Glad I Did”

“I just have to say that this stuff is amazing. My dog Sasha had a spot on her behind that was a pretty good size. I debated on whether to take her to the vet or to order the K9 KlearUp™ product. So I broke down and bought the balm and am I glad I did. I really didn’t know what she had but it didn’t look good. I started applying the K9 KlearUp™ the minute I got it as she kept gnawing at her part which the spot was right next to. After a couple of days, I starting noticing a difference and at the end of 1 week, it was cleared up and no more gnawing. It didn’t even bother me if she got any in her mouth from licking as I knew it wouldn’t hurt her. Thank you so much for such a great product and I have been telling all my friends about this product.”  – Sheri Tyler, Binghamton, New York, USA

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