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Mayan Pet Products Inc.
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Lynden, WA

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Mayan Pet Products Inc.
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Langley, BC
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Phone: 1-866-510-2747

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Giving Back to the Community:

Over 10% of the total sales of K9 KlearUp™ are donated to local shelters and charities that help find adult pets a new loving home. After all, it's the middle-aged animals that are often the ones to be put to sleep.

That's because many potential adopters want the young animals. The puppies and kittens. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it's this bias that causes many, many middle-aged and senior animals to be put to sleep before their time.

That's why we created the "Save 1,000 Puppies Campaign."
saving puppies campaign
Why do we call it the "Puppies" campaign? Within every dog, there is a bouncy, happy puppy just waiting to be appreciated and loved by their master. This is how they were meant to be. So let's work together to give mistreated dogs a second chance at life!

Meet Blue, one of the dogs we have helped to find a new loving home...

Blue a 9 year-old Labrador Meet Blue:

"Howdy, my name is Blue and I am a nine year-old Labrador/ Shepherd mix male dog. I like cats, but well... dogs are better! For example, dogs can get along very well with livestock. I'd like to see a cat herd cattle! I was surrendered to the BC SPCA Sunshine Coast Branch when my guardian could not afford to pay my medical bills. I was really sad to leave my farm behind, but I understood that they wanted what was best for me. Thanks to your donation I will receive surgery to remove a large lump from my right hind leg."

Rusty an 8 year-old Pomeranian Meet Rusty:

"Hi, my name is Rusty and I am an eight year-old Pomeranian. So far I have managed to live a very nomadic existence. I have been passed around to four different homes before I arrived at the BC SPCA Abbotsford Branch. That's a lot of places to get used to and it's certainly not my fault that I've had to move around a lot, I'm a great dog. I think humans need to settle down and enjoy life more, learn a lesson from your dog, enjoy every minute! Since I'm considered a "senior" dog, I was taken to the animal hospital for a check up and the veterinarian noticed that my teeth and gums were very sore. Thanks to your donation I received a full dental cleaning and tooth extractions.

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