Clear up dog skin and coat probems
K9 KlearUp™ Cost: Just 10.9¢ a day

The price for a jar of K9 KlearUp™ is a mere $37.95. That's for a full 3.3oz (100ml) container. For most people, that'll last for about a year (the product itself is good for about 18 months before expiring). That's just 10.9¢ a day!

And since the average veterinarian bill is $100+, even one saved trip to his office more than makes up for the cost of this product.

And, of course, it's fully guaranteed so that if you don't get full value, simply pack up whatever you have left and mail it back to us for a full refund plus shipping and handling on what you paid to have us send it to you in the first place.

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Your Order Also Comes With Three Extra Bonuses worth over $110.00

BONUS #1: Free MP3 Worth $59.00

Bonus MP3 How to Eliminate Unwanted Dog Behaviors Once and For All...

A free 46-minute MP3 Download from master dog trainer Shane Morgan

I've worked out an arrangement with internationally-known dog behaviorialist Shane Morgan, who over a 10-year period, developed a method of behavioral training that's proven to work for every breed of dog, at any age, in almost every situation imaginable.

In fact, Shane's methods are so effective, his local animal shelter has regularly brought him in to deal with the "tough" dogs - the ones that have been abused by their previous owners, the ones who are too aggressive to be adopted out. There are even a number of dog trainers in his area that refer their tougher cases to him.

I recently recorded an interview with Shane, "How to Eliminate Unwanted Dog Behaviors Once and For All..." And it's your free - if you order today. Inside, you will discover:
  • How your actions can accidentally create bad habits in your canine.
  • How to eliminate your dog's bad habits without resorting to violent training methods.
  • How the 'standard' dog training methods can actually do more harm than good to your four-legged friend.
  • How to tell if a dog trainer is right for your pet.
  • How to STOP once and for all:
    • Excessive barking
    • Lunging, pulling or any other signs Of bossiness
    • Nipping, mouthing and even biting you or others
    • Jumping up on you or your guests
    • Any type of aggression towards other dogs
    • Destructive chewing or digging around the home
    • Chasing after things they should be leaving alone!
  • Plus, much, much more...
The MP3 download comes free with your order and it is only available for this special. The information contained within is not available in stores, on the Internet or anywhere else.

BONUS #2: Special Manual Worth $45.00
"The Million Dollar Dog Care Guide" Bonus 2 This comprehensive 150+ page resource will help you understand (and solve) some of the most common canine health issues. Topics include:
  • Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog
  • How To Protect Your Dog From Poisonous Plants
  • Proper Dog Dental Care
  • Understanding Lyme Disease
  • Heartworm Treatments
  • Dog Bathing Tips
  • Items To Have In Your Dog's First Aid Kit
  • A Discussion Of Canine Joint Disease
This manual contains 155 pages of useful information that will help keep your dog healthier and happier and will save you money down the line.

BONUS #3: A free "Travel Size" 10 ml package of K9 KlearUp with each order, a value of $5.95
K9 KlearUp Free Sample

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Shipping Details:
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NOTE: The payment for K9 KlearUp™ is processed by my company, Mayan Pet Products Inc.
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P.S.: Just a reminder that this is the ONLY dog product on the market GUARANTEED to help clear up a canine's 17 most common skin and coat problems. If it doesn't work for your pet, simply send me back whatever you have left and you get a full refund plus the shipping and handling you paid to have me send it to you in the first place.