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Clear up dog skin and coat probems

Testimonials From Veterinarians and Other Professionals

Veterinarians, breeders and dog trainers agree, this product works...

"Product Really Works" vet recommended

"I recently treated a dog with a mild hot spot with a conventional steroid medication that was NOT working. I decided to try K9 KlearUp™ and with a few applications over three days, the hot spot disappeared.

I then tried it on a cat with an acne issue. In this case as well, the steroid had no effect. K9 KlearUp™ did though. In about four days, the acne had completely cleared up.

I like that the product really works, that it boasts a natural ingredient list and that it's very safe too."

Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM, Nelson Animal Hospital, Nelson, British Coumbia, Canada, www.nelsonvet.com

A Safe and Effective Product I am Happy to Recommend to My Patients

vet recommends K9 KlearUp™ "I've been using K9 KlearUp™ in my veterinary clinic for a few weeks now and have found it to be very effective with a number of the most common canine skin and coat problems, especially Hot Spots and Dermatitis.

We recently had a client bring her Shih Tzu in that chewed constantly in an area right underneath her tail. Over time, the skin in that area became inflamed and irritated. As a remedy, I applied K9 KlearUp™ twice daily and along with a change in diet, her rash cleared up completely within five days.

In addition to its effectiveness, I appreciate the short and simple list of ingredients in the product. I have to deal with a lot of dogs who each have many different allergies and it's nice that this product is simple enough for me to use on virtually any animal without fear of adverse reactions.

Finally, from a strictly practical point of view, it's nice to have a product that isn't greasy, isn't runny and absorbs into the skin quickly. I plan on continuing to use it in my practice and am quite comfortable recommending it to all of my clients or any other dog owners for that matter."
Dr. Moira Drosdovech, Pawsitive Veterinary Clinic, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Dog "Asks" for K9 KlearUp™

dog rash gone "Wow! Your product is really impressive. My little shih tzu had had a horrible rash underneath her chin for a few weeks. Nothing we tried worked. When I first found out about your product, I was a little skeptical but decided to try it out anyways... and I'm really glad I did.

Within two days, the rash was almost gone. And funnily enough, on the third day, when it came time to apply the cream, she actually presented her chin to me as if she wanted to say, 'Put it on. It's so good for me'. I will definitely recommend your product to all of my clients."
Shane Morgan, Dog Trainer, British Columbia, Canada

Nothing Worked, Except K9 KlearUp™

dog eczema gone "I decided to try K9 KlearUp™ and see if it could help our Gremlin, who suffers from eczema on his ears (scratching until he bled and left sores). We needed a product that was safe for our young son and safe for the baby pups who are born in our home--we are a small Hobby breeder of Chihuahua's. The all natural ingredients were a great way to ensure everyone in our home was safe from harmful chemicals.

Within a few days, the results were unbelievable. Grem's sores healed up and have not returned!! He has not continued to scratch and his relief is obvious. We spent mega dollars on prescription creams from our veterinarian (who is awesome). Grem is on an all natural super premium dog food--but nothing helped--except your K9 KlearUp™!!"
Jackie and Ron, Chihuahua Breeders, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Even Works on Horses!

Horse Coat and Skin Grown Back in Half the Time

K9 KlearUp™ works on horses "A few weeks ago, my 25-year-old Bay Arab rubbed his hindquarters against a fence and rubbed away some of his coat and skin at the same time (he does that quite a lot). When it came time to bring him in from outside, I noticed what he'd done and after disinfecting it, applied this dog product called K9 KlearUp™ to the raw skin. It seemed a little strange that a so-called dog product would be good for Mikey, but I tried it anyways as it came highly recommended.

Well, after a few days I could barely believe my eyes. The area had almost completely cleared up (it normally takes two weeks). After just a week and a half more, the leftover scabbing had fallen away and the hair started growing back his regular bay colour! Normally when he does such things, the hair has grown back in white.

I really am glad I tried out this "dog product". It worked so well for an old fellow like mine."

Shirley R, Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Former Horse Breeder and Riding Teacher

Testimonials From Pet Owners

Below is just a sampling of the comments we have received from pet owners like you...

Tennessee Death Row Dogs It worked and I'll have to tell you a story first

We rescued a dog back in December whom we believe was used for a bait dog. He was covered in scars and was so badly emaciated that his delicate 27 pd body was shutting down. Although he was eating regularly and very high quality food, he continued to lose weight. We had a blood test down which showed very few levels that were within normal limits. His kidney and liver values were off the chart. I'm pretty sure our vet was certain he wouldn't make it but he would never tell us that and is always willing to try. We are not quitters, once a dog is in our care we give them every possible chance to keep our promise and find them a family.

We decided the put him on IV fluids for a few days to help flush the toxins from his system and help his hydration. Even after this there was really no progress, he was terribly frail, weak and his gums were still a pale grey color. At this point we didn't know what else to do and started to have our doubts he would make it. We decided that he really needed out of the vet clinic and into a home. At least that way if he did pass away, he would have finally known what it was like to have a family and feel loved.

He went to stay with our Adoption Coordinator and I remember all of us tearing up when we saw pictures of him on a bed, staring at her fire in the fireplace with such wonder. I'm sure he had no idea how he ended up there or became so lucky and so loved. There was a period where he stayed the same, no deterioration, no progress. Some of his scabs had fallen off and then he kept losing more hair... than a lot of hair. We took him into the vet for a test, low and behold he had ringworms, as if the heartworms and failing health weren't enough. The pads of his feet were also literally falling off from the lack of nutrition he had for so long. He got up one day and left pieces of his feet on his dog bed.. and we thought we had seen it all. Ha!

The vet recommended we do some sulfur dips to treat his ringworms which we pondered. I really didn't want to put him through that, he had still only really gained a couple of pounds. This is when I went online to look for something we could treat him with. I found K9 KlearUp™ and decided that was what I wanted to try. We also picked up some GNC Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Fungal shampoo. We have used that in the past on dogs with yeast infections. It works wonders for relief for both dog and us because yeast smells!

Before your product came, I told the vet that we were going to hold off and try these two products. I remember him saying that he wished us luck, but he didn't think it was going to work and we would still need the dips. Well it took maybe a couple of weeks but his hair started growing back! Our vet was shocked to say the least :)

Meet Phoenix, a very neglected bait dog that got his hair back because of your product. This is the album of his progress.
Today he weighed 43 pounds :)

Jamie Hawkins, President/Founder or Tennessee Death Row Dogs
Spring Hill, Tennessee, USA

This is my second order. I ran into your product by mistake but very glad I did.

I knew about Tepezcohuite when I got into a motorcycle accident in Mexico almost 15 years ago. A paramedic recommended me to use it on all the areas where my skin was badly skinned and ripped... It was a miracle the healing occurred to my injuries.

Fast forward, one of my dearest dogs had been experiencing for almost all his life (he is 3 1/2 yrs old) lesion after lesion on his skin that turns into ugly sores (that look & itch horrible) and I took him to 3 different vets. I had him on a lot of treatments, medicated baths, ointments, medicines, etc. Nothing worked and the vets didn't seem to know was going on. Finally, the last vet that I consulted (and thousands of $ later!), did some biopsies and turned them to a very specialty dermatological lab expert out of State... Long story short, my poor Zeus has 3 genetic diseases that will cause him these problems for the rest of his life.

The only thing that I can do is keep his skin clean, make the lesions heal fast, and "butter him up" everywhere so he is more comfortable every day. Zeus was on 4 different medications already plus those ointments (that don't work very well), sprays, medicated shampoos (baths twice a week), supplements, vitamins & a strict diet. I started to remember about how the Tepezcohuite had helped me so I Googled it and there you were! The rest is history.

Zeus's lesions have improved so much that I am elated! The itching has been reduced too. Also, I love your product because there is no mess--- you filtered the bark and there is no staining. I will continue to order K9 KlearUp™ regularly because his disease will not go away (the lesions will continue to pop up, he will remain on his meds too) but now he is happier and way more comfortable. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Adriana Willard, Las Vegas, Nevada USA

"I Broke Down and Bought the Balm and am I Glad I Did"

"I just have to say that this stuff is amazing. My dog Sasha had a spot on her behind that was a pretty good size. I debated on whether to take her to the vet or to order the K9 KlearUp™ product. So I broke down and bought the balm and am I glad I did. I really didn't know what she had but it didn't look good. I started applying the K9 KlearUp™ the minute I got it as she kept gnawing at her part which the spot was right next to. After a couple of days, I starting noticing a difference and at the end of 1 week, it was cleared up and no more gnawing. It didn't even bother me if she got any in her mouth from licking as I knew it wouldn't hurt her. Thank you so much for such a great product and I have been telling all my friends about this product."
Sheri Tyler, Binghamton, New York, USA
K9 KlearUp™ works

See the "Before" and "After" Improvement

"I had tried many types of creams for my dog's skin condition but it didn't seem to improve at all! On and off, he would get red rashes over the whole body and it seemed like his skin was forever snowing flakes. I found out about the K9 KlearUp™ cream online and ordered one to try. Surprisingly, his rashes became not so red after a few applications. Due to my busy schedule, I can only apply the cream every other day thus slowing the speed of recovery. But nevertheless, I can definitely view the improvement!"
Jaslynn Lee, Singapore
skin problems solved

Cracks on Left Paw Improved Greatly Within Two Days - See the Difference for Yourself!

"Both Robin and I enjoy our walks in the woods very much. However, all the rough and tumble is sometimes not good for us! We get bitten by bugs and ticks! Let me tell you about the ticks here. They have the strongest jaws ever.. and I call them the death grip. The ticks in Singapore, most of the time you can remove them by hand.. but the ones here.. it took sometime for us to perfect her tick removing twist with the tick remover! However, even after removing the tick, they almost always leave a open sore.. and that’s when K9 KlearUp™ comes to the rescue! We heard about this all natural dog balm sometime back and have been using it since then. It’s like the Tiger Balm equivalent for us! How cool is that?

Whenever we get bitten by ticks (despite using tick prevention), the more severe bites get a big sore and these wounds takes a long time to heal. We just had to wait for them to heal by themselves. However, after we started using K9 KlearUp™ on our wounds… the healing process speeds up and within a day… the sore is no longer weeping and we don’t itch as much any more! We have also used K9 KlearUp™ on dry itchy flaky skin (Robin has them), general itchiness, and on our paw pads, given the amount of walking we do in the woods or even on the hot summer cement ground.. and check out the difference it made!

We deliberately used K9 KlearUp™ on one paw only to show you the difference.. and you can see it for yourself. The right paw (leftmost in the picture) is dry and cracked.. and within two days of using the balm, the cracks on Robin’s left paw have greatly diminished and it looks so much better!"
Kingsley the Border Collie, www.kingsleydog.com, The Netherlands

"It didn't irritate my spot at all and it was much better the next day, and by the second day completely gone"

Red spots on skin One day last week, Old Girl and Mr. Jason came home to find me with two really red spots on my head. My hair was all bloody, and it was super sensitive to touch. (They totally freaked out.) I also had a chipped toenail, and they think it pulled out a plug of my hair and scratched my head up some. I would not let them near it much, so no before pictures (sorry, K9 KlearUp™), but it looked almost exactly like this...

Old Girl thought "Aha! We can try K9 KlearUp™ since Fred cannot lick and lick his head." (My tongue won't reach is why.) So we did. And it felt real nice to Fred. It didn't irritate my spot at all, and it was so much better the next day, and by the second day completely gone! See?

You can't even see it now, can you? Now, does anyone know if they make a product that will make my Fro grow back real fast? We had to trim it because of all the yukky-ness. Oh, so I do recommend K9 KlearUp™ and will definitely use it again if I keep injuring myself.
Tiffany and her dog Fred, Texas, USA, http://bichonking.blogspot.com
dog skin problem solved

TWO PAWS UP for K9 KlearUp™!

K9 KlearUp™ helps itching "I recently wound up with a whole lot of bumps and rashes that itched me to no end! Usually, Mom would just apply the creams and ointments that she got from the vet to ease the itching, but she tried K9 KlearUp™ on me that day...

I have to say though that Mom has been 'cheating' a little...*wink* The instructions said to apply the balm to the problem area three to five times daily, and the problems would be resolved in about seven days. *whispers* She only put it on me once a day, since she's at work early in the morning...she puts it on in the evening when she gets back. So, we assumed that since the frequency is not so high, the results will only show after seven days...well, not exactly!

The first two pictures below show the inside of my thigh taken before ...notice the little cuts and red spots? The third picture was taken after applying the cream... The cuts have completely healed and the rashes have been cleared too..*grins* The cuts have actually healed after about two to three days of application, but the rashes took a little longer...usually, it takes more than two weeks of application before any results were seen with the vet's creams, so Mom was really satisfied with the results we got with K9 KlearUp™!

The fourth picture shows my other problem area ...ick! Itchy red bumps! Mom figured it could be tick bites as I always get angry red bumps like these from ticks, and since the tick season is in right now, I get these. The last picture was taken yesterday too...the nasty red bumps have receded! Whoo! And I don't scratch as much as I used to too...*grins*

So, my verdict? TWO PAWS UP for K9 KlearUp™! *grins* Mom is really impressed with the way things turned out for me. This will surely come in handy when I get the itchies...=) If you have skin itchies or rashes like I do, do give it a try...we highly recommend it!"
xoxo, Nottie Scottie, http://nottiescottie.blogspot.com, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
skin probem areas cleared up

Cleared Shih Tzu's Sores Within Two Days Dog skin cream

"K9 KlearUp™ is awesome! My Shih Tzu had sores by her tail and your product cleared them up within two days. We also have a Sheltie who was having itching problems. It helped with his problem tremendously. Your cream is absolutely amazing. I am very impressed!"

Barbara Loy, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

K9 KlearUp™ works "If you can only afford one item for the health and welfare of your dog, make sure it's K9 KlearUp™!"

"I received some K9 KlearUp™ and it has completely alleviated Mandy's hot spots. Just a dab twice a day seems AMAZING! I never would have imagined that a little could go so far! I even used it on my Shepherd Tyra. Her ears were invaded by gnats. The tender skin was inflamed and sore. Now there is no inflammation, and no more bug bites either!! If you can only afford one item for the health and welfare of your dog, make sure it's K9 KlearUp™! I guarantee your dog and you will love the results, and a little goes a long way!!"

Nancy and her dogs Mandy and Tyra, New York, USA

After Only Two Applications of K9 KlearUp™, the Skin Was Starting to Heal skin healing with K9 KlearUp™

"In the summer, the tips of our German Shepherd's ears are always dry, cracked and bleeding. After only two applications of K9 KlearUp™, the skin was starting to heal. After the fifth application the sores were almost completely gone. This really shocked us because our veterinarian told us that all German Shepherds have this ailment and to just apply moisturizer to get rid of the dryness. Moisturizer never worked. It was just a temporary fix. We are so glad we found your website."

Sandra and Todd and their dog Shep, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Willow is Finally Scratch-Free

skin patches, rash, hot spots "My dog Willow had three nasty patches on her back that appeared to be boils of some sort with red irritated skin. She had been biting and scratching these spots for quite some time. Antibiotic creams produced no relief. Online, one day, I saw an advertisement for K9 KlearUp™. K9 KlearUp™ works I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it. The day I received it in the mail, I immediately applied it to Willow's sore spots. The following day, I was going to re-apply the ointment thinking that more than one dose was needed but I was amazed to see that the spots had cleared up. Needless to say, Willow is no longer scratching. We both thank you."
Adriana D'Arcy, Ontario, Canada

Also Works on Cats!

"We adopted three new kittens and Simon, one of the kittens, cut his tummy somehow. It was a big scab on his tummy. At first I thought it was gum stuck on his belly but it got larger, like a big scab. I guess I will never know what caused this. So we started using the K9 KlearUp™. We rubbed it all around the outside of the scab morning and night for a week and it cleared it up. The scab finally fell off and it was a nice clean pink underneath. The hair has all grown back nicely. This scab was so big and awful looking that I thought we were going to have to go to the vets and have it surgically removed and stitched. But your cream cleared it up."
Debra Schuh, Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Saw Results Immediately

works on dogs and cats "These are pics of my dog Cash. He was in really bad shape when I found K9 KlearUp™ online and started to use it. I saw results on his existing "boo-boos" immediately, but new ones kept coming. I took Cash to the vet and he gave him antibiotics and a low dose steroid so I stopped using the K9 KlearUp™. The older sores stopped healing even though new ones stopped appearing. I started using the K9 KlearUp™ on his sores again and they started to heal right away. He is almost 100% healed now, but I can say for sure the K9 KlearUp™ helped heal the sores incredibly quickly. One trick I found was to apply the cream at night and wrap the area with non stick first aid bandage. In the morning the results are stunning." - Jessica C, Naples, Florida, USA
dog skin cream

"I was skeptical about your product and know not all products work on all dogs, but it [K9 KlearUp™] certainly helped my Boxer"

"I had ordered your product two weeks ago. I have been using it on my two year old Boxer. She has to deal with allergies and the horrible heat. She had really bad acne under her chin and jowls. She would bite and nip at her feet. She would scratch her chin until it would bleed; and it bled really bad. She would scratch behind her ears until there was no hair. She would break out really bad from the heat (rash).

I have been putting your product on her for two weeks, two times a day and WOW. All her rashes are gone; she does not bite at her feet; she stopped scratching behind her ears; the hair is growing back. And most of all her chin/jowls healed. All the big bumps got a lot smaller and the small one disappeared. And her scratching, well she barely scratches.

I was skeptical about your product and know not all products work on all dogs, but it certainly helped my Boxer. Thank you for a great product and I have been recommending your product."
Anna, New York, USA

dog paws healed Healed my Sheltie's Sore Raw Pads

"I've been taking my dogs for long walks in the woods and spending a lot of time outside playing with them. Last Thursday I overdid it and had them on terrain that was too rough on their paws. They were both licking their feet like crazy that night. I felt so bad for them and then I remembered I had some K9 KlearUp™. I rubbed a little on each paw four times between Thursday and Friday night. It healed their sore raw pads and they were ready to go again."

Robin Plan, Mendota Heights, MN, www.wholefoodandmore.net

It Had all Cleared Up

dog sores healed "Wally had a sore on his back for about a week and it had not improved. When I received K9 KlearUp™, I applied it to the sore. Within twenty-four hours you could notice an improvement. After applying the cream [K9 KlearUp™] for three days, it had all cleared up."

Pam Dafoe and Wally, Marmora, Ontario, Canada

"It Was Like a Miracle Cure!"

dog fur growing back "Cruiser had hot spots. He was always chewing and pulling out his fur in certain places. I put K9 KlearUp™ on him and it seemed like overnight he was not pulling out his fur any more. It was like a miracle cure! I had tried everything else people told me to try. Now, his fur is finally growing back and he is sleeping better. He is a much happier guy now. I do know he loves you for sending him some peace! I still can't believe how well it worked!!!! Cruiser and I thank you so very much!"

Kathy Carr, Pennsylvania, USA

Cleared Elder Dog's Sores dog dry skin

"I love the way it cleared up my elder dog's sores from taking Program TM (monthly flea pill). It is also great for my dry skin. Thank you!"

Ane Steele
Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA

I Just Ordered My Second Jar

"My oldest boy Lucky, an eight year-old Yorkshire Terrier, has been suffering with sores that turn into dark crusty spots on his body for almost a year. The vet took a biopsy and said it was both bacterial and fungal, then put him on some pills that did no good whatsoever. I have tried so many creams/lotions/shampoos and nothing worked.

Lucky's body was getting covered and getting worse. Then I purchased K9 KlearUp™, and I started covering him with the cream every night. I am happy to say that your cream is working! The spots are drying up and his skin is turning pink again! We are pleased that Lucky is so much better. He suffered for a long time, while I tried everything I could find. I don't want to run out, so I just ordered my second jar of K9 KlearUp™."

Diane Schuck, Hermosa, South Dakota, USA

"I Was Skeptical at First"

insect bites gone "I have to admit that I was skeptical at first about using K9 KlearUp™ on our yellow lab, Chelsey. Then one day she was attacked by a swarm of horseflies that left an oozing red sore on her nose. Chelsey was miserable and pawed at the sore constantly. I applied your salve twice a day for four days and the sore healed up completely! Unbelievable - your product is amazing!"
Beth Gabriel and Chelse, Rochester, Minnesota, USA

Hot Spots Disappear After Three Days

"My ten-year old Rottweiler developed hot spots on his back and legs recently, and I felt awful for him as he chewed at them constantly. I began applying your healing balm to his spots daily. By the end of the first day, he had stopped chewing at his fur. After three days, the spots were healing up and the fur has already begun growing back. He's a happy little guy again!"

Carole L, Mission, British Columbia, Canada

Chronic Problem Controlled by K9 KlearUp™

dog skin cream "I have a 1 1/2 year old Chocolate Lab/German Pointer cross named Barkley who has been a member of our family since she was seven weeks old. Ever since she was a puppy, she has had reoccurring hot spots in her ears. It is just one of those things that her breed is prone to. We have been back and forth between the vet clinics trying everything from pills to creams to ear drops.

Not only does this product help control the uncomfortable, red, itchy spots in Barkley's ears, it doesn't leave a greasy mess like drops, and you do not have to hide large pills in your pet's food. The best part about this product is it is all natural and I have peace of mind knowing this product is safe for my pet."

Valerie Lindal and Barkley, Lac La Nonne, Alberta, Canada

dogs pads healed Wonders for the Pads

"Wishbone (or me rather) LOVED the results from using your amazing product, it has done wonders on the pads of her feet."
Karli and Wishbone, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

releaves scratching Reduced His Scratching

"I tried it on an itchy spot that Jovi has. It certainly seems to have reduced his scratching. I am anxious to tell my cousin about this product as she has a dog who is terribly burdened with skin problems. I'm sure she will be very interested. Thank you so much."
Rosemary Soucie and Jovi, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

scratching stopped "Spot is Healing Nicely"

"I tried K9 KlearUp™ on an irritated spot Miss Priss has and it has stopped her from scratching and the spot is healing nicely."
Cheryl Givens and Miss Priss, Dickson, Tennessee, USA

dog's hot spots gone "Ran Around Like a Puppy"

"Chuck has some itchy 'old man dog' areas especially near his tail. He has been suffering since the onset of fall. I applied K9 KlearUp™ to his itch and he ran around like a puppy! He has been content and I do wish to take care of the other itches on his sides. They appear to be 'hot spots' and I did try other treatments with no luck! We love your product!! It's wonderful!""
Ginette and Chuck, Thomaston, Connecticut, USA

"We Have Seen a Difference!"

dog's chronic ear problem gone "We have a Great Pyrenees (Hank), two Miniature Pinchers (Jasmine and Pete), also an English Bulldog (Chloe).

Hank has hot spots in the summer. Pete is okay, but Jasmine has a chronic ear problem, scratching that has been treated by the vet but no relief so far. Chloe has the usual problems with hot spots and skin rashes due to her breed and being white! dog's rash cleared up

I tried K9 KlearUp™ and did not think it would really help Jasmine, or Chloe's rash, but it has been four days now and we have seen a difference! Jasmine is not rubbing her ear along the porch as much and the scabs from her nails are actually healing! Chloe's rash has gone from dark red spots to a light blush color.

The antibiotics that the vets prescribed did help a little but not this fast!"

Tanya Rae and Family, North Caroina, USA

"I Was Very Impressed"

scratching and hot spots gone with K9 KlearUp™ "Queeny was forever scratching her sides due to some hot spots and we had tried everything but nothing seemed to help. Once I received K9 KlearUp™, I was nervous to use it, but I was very impressed after several days she was not scratching like before and finally it was cleared up. I will definitely tell friends about your product. Using K9 KlearUp™ was a wonderful choice for our dog. Thank you!"
Rosanne and Queeny, King's County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Once You Have Tried it You Won't Want to Be Without it

all natural dog skin cream "I just love K9 KlearUp™, for several reasons, 1. it has no odor, 2. it isn't greasy, 3. it heals better than anything out there. I really like it and Jazz isn't upset with my putting it on her. I can't say enough good about K9 KlearUp™--it's good, it works. Once you have tried it you won't want to be without it. It healed the chew spot on Jazz's left front foreleg in just a couple of days. I would say that is pretty amazing."

Kathy Hartlieb and Jazz, Port Orchard, Washington, USA

dog skin issues K9KlearUp Is Magic !!

"My Rat Terrier Roxie has had skin issues since I got her as a puppy. She really has problems especially in spring and summer when she scratches herself so her tummy is pink and has sores. I have tried so many products but none have had the very fast Real Healing Solution that I have found with K9 KlearUp™! I was so impressed, I joined the company to sell the product here in Florida."
Kathy and Roxie Steude, Cocoa, Florida, USA

dog's itching stopped Quit Scratching Very First Day

"We applied K9 KlearUp™ to an itchy spot on our youngest dog, Sunny. Obviously, the itch went away. He can't talk, but he quit trying to scratch the back of his neck the very first day. We are also pleased that the product is odorless. Our dogs like to lick off anything they can smell. We do highly recommend K9 KlearUp™ to anyone whose dog has a skin problem."

Jerry Dill and Sunny, Preston, Idaho, USA

Worked Famously on Hot Spots and Gummy Armpits - Four Paws Up
dog's sore ears healed
"Boy does this stuff work wonders. We gave some K9 KlearUp™ to our cousins, the Basset Hounds, since they have so many problems with bug bites, hot spots, and gummy armpits.

Our human Aunt Ashly, who owns the Bassets, was at a loss on treatment options. She said that K9 KlearUp™ worked better than anything she’s ever tried on the hotspots and gummy armpits, and she’s tried everything over the years. We definitely give this product four paws up."

Benson and Gibson, Jaime Smith's Two Golden Retrievers
Avon Lake, Ohio, USA

K9 KlearUp™ Delivers on Its Promises

flea bites gone "This is my beautiful Jack Russell "Max". He has a wonderful personality and is playful, I also have a female Jack Russell by the name of "Grace" who is even more playful. Max doesn't get many fleas, but when he does he unfortunately suffers from a terrible reaction to their bites. I was telling my friend about his troubles a little while back and she suggested I try a product called "K9 KlearUp™".

I was a bit skeptical at first thinking it's just another product that does not deliver on their promises. I used the cream on Max for a couple of days and to my amazement his itching and terrible red lumps eased and disappeared. I would highly recommend "K9 KlearUp™" to anyone that has a beloved pet that suffers from common skin and coat problems, it is a Natural Pet Balm that actually works!"

Sue Kennedy and Her Dog Max, Sydney, NSW, Australia

My Groomer Recommended K9 KlearUp™

"We have a three year old Lhasa Apso named Maggie. I took her to our vet who cut some hair off her back end. Instead of trimming it with scissors, our vet shaved it down to the skin. Maggie was irritated by this, and I contacted our groomer who recommended K9 KlearUp™ and I purchased a jar. Maggie is happy now. Irritation has subsided and she is on her way to recovery."

D. F., Ontario, Canada